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Never Become A Hapless Victim Of Another Costly Bookkeeping Disaster

Bookkeeping and accounting fees can cause small business owners to tighten their belt, but imagining the vast amount of money you need to spend to repair a bookkeeping mistake can make rethink about skimping on bookkeeping cost. Any business owner is left with no choice but to submit for the business operation to continue.

A business that is competitive and you cannot afford to miss out on grabbing every business opportunity that comes your way. You know that customer loyalty is measured by how you deliver their needs. You know for sure that everything is on the right track until you open your email. Just the thought of opening your email fills you with excitement and fear. You are wondering where the email came from then lo and behold, an email from the ATO.

Although you have not completely gone over the email you received from the ATO, you know that something is not right. Your suspicions have been confirmed as you read the email. To make matters worse, the letter has already been forwarded to your bank by the ATO and they have already been advices of the non-payment. Nothing can be more horrifying than discovering that your bookkeeper is no longer doing what they are supposed to do. You know what is going on and you are waiting for the bank manager to give you a call.

If a small business owner no longer has the ability to pay debts, insolvency and bankruptcy are not far from happening. The bad news is, these things can be beyond the business owner’s control. Financial loss can be due to a number of reasons. For instance, if your business partner is experiencing marriage break down, it can definitely result in business mismanagement and cash flow shortages. However, a business owner still has the option to get out of this difficult financial situation.

A business can be compared to driving a car because you know to keep an eye on the dashboard and avoid driving too fast or too hard. It is also your responsibility to meet your financial obligations to keep the ATO at bay.

The Following Are Alarming Indicators That You Need To Pay Heed To Your Financial Activities:

• Your superannuation payments and GST are always falling behind their schedule.

• Wages, payroll and contractor’s bill are no longer met.

For A Business Owner To Ensure Financial Stability, A Bookkeeper Must Do The Following:

• Ensure that invoices go out promptly and reminder notices are received in a timely manner to avoid making late payments and incurring penalties.

• Create a system that provides bookkeepers the ability to highlight late payers as soon as they are falling behind payment schedule. Bookkeepers can also follow up on late payers the next day.

• Add terms on invoice so that collection costs waived once recovery service becomes a requirement.

A business owner must also perform their obligation so matters will not be taken to court. There are various options available to business owners in settling their unpaid debts. They can call the bank manager, call ATO, arrange payment plan, prepare budget and reduce head-count before the situation becomes worse.

Are You Stuck In A Routine Or A Deadly Sin?

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Whether you have a busy day or you just want to get things done more quickly, multitasking is usually the route you are more likely to take. You believe that doing several tasks at once can save time, but what about the quality of your work? If there's one aspect that multitaskers often compromise, it is the quality of their work. Sure you save time doing things at the same time, but since each task only gets 50% of your attention, you give little time to ensuring that you deliver high quality results. Imagine working at the computer and talking on the phone at the same time. These tasks are both demanding and distracting.  You lose your focus even if you are a seasoned multitasker. 

What makes multitasking less efficient?

The chaos that a divided attention brings can be compared to money: it is quantifiable. If your attention is shifted to another task, you are only giving less than 100% of your attention to the first task. Even if you make an effort to finish earlier than usual, there is still one important aspect of the task that you might miss out. While you try your best to make the task error-free, the attention you give to the task will not give you any assurance. 

Even if you only perform one activity and thinking about another, it can also be considered multitasking. Note that your attention is still divided even when you are just thinking of another task. If you always find yourself doing two tasks at once, you need to consider introducing mindfulness into your life. Mindfulness is the opposite of multitasking. 

Unlike multitasking, mindfulness lets you pay full attention to what you are doing at the moment. For instance, if the phone rings and you are working at the computer, you leave your current task and answer the phone. If it is an important call, you are a hundred percent sure that you are getting the message right as you are not distracted. Once the call is over, you resume working and quality is not compromised. 

A complete attention to the task at hand ensures that errors are corrected and your job is kept to a satisfactory level. Mindfulness hit two birds with one stone: your work life and your personal life. More likely than not, multitaskers find it easier to be lost in thought or become absent-minded as there are so many things running in their head. Even at home, they still can't give their full attention to their family and quality time is already out of the picture.  

Mindfulness breaks the spell that binds multitaskers into the same routine. It puts things in proper perspective so it will be easy to carry out various tasks without the need to multitask. Not only do you promote efficiency but you also ensure that the job you accomplished is consistently satisfactory. 

When you integrate mindfulness into your daily routine, you will begin to notice a transformation in how you accomplish your tasks. You genuinely focus on the quality and take your work to a higher and more consistent level.  


Get Ready For Superstream

In a nutshell, Superstream is an advanced package dedicated to improving everyday superannuation transactions. The process of submitting payments and essential data will be made much easier with the use of this system. Employers with more than 20 employees will have until June 30, 2015 to complete the requirements. However if a company has less than 20 employees, employers need to comply with the requirements until June 30, 2016. To ensure that employers are ready for these changes, it is important that they also prepare contribution data following the electronic format. The employers will adopt the new standard by June 30 2017. All employers that are making super contributions are mandated to use SuperStream.

Reasons for introducing SuperStream:calculator 695084 1280

It is every employer’s obligation to ensure that employee contributions are paid in a consistent and timely manner. With this new system, discrepancies will be prevented because transactions are done electronically.

Before employers can use SuperStream, changes have to be made with their existing system. Otherwise, there will be some issues with adopting SuperStream. The software that employers need to use should be compatible with SuperStream. Employers can either upgrade their payroll software or a third party service provider. For employers with less than 20 employees, another option to consider is using a commercial clearing house. This is also referred to as free Small Business Superannuation. Since this is a completely different approach, employers will also be required to collect additional information for the electronic processing to take place. The essential information includes electronic service address, bank account details, ABN and unique superannuation identifier.

The Significant Benefits of Superstream to Employers and Employees:


• Employers will only spend less amount of time dealing with fund queries and data issues.
• Employers save on the cost of processing payment and contributions.
• Since SuperStream only uses a single channel, employers can focus on a systematic process for handling employee contribution.
• Superannuation obligations become less stressful because there is a steady flow of information and cash.


• Employees will have greater peace of mind as payment processing will be less prone to errors.
• Payments and contributions are processed faster than using the old approach.
• Employees will have better retirement savings as the new system is more efficient.
• Employees will be notified once their contributions have been received.

How does SuperStream work?

SuperStream has four elements, which are essential for each transaction being made:

• Payment methods which have been set using standard electronic format.
• Standard message structure designed for sending and receiving notifications or messages when funds have been received.
• Data format so employees receive reports of their contributions.
• Business terms and definitions used for describing employees’ contributions.

While these are considered technical details of SuperStream, employers should not worry about it so long as compliance with the requirements is observed. In the event SuperStream is prevented from sending notifications of contributions due to internet outages or technical issues, the alternative channels will be used such as paper and electronic options. Employers must also include the reasons for using these options. These contributions cannot be rejected if these reasons are indicated.

For employers to get a better grasp of this new system, support tools will also be provided and these include support mailbox, seminars, self-help materials, which can be accessed online and links to the system’s framework.

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